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wedding planning and events organizer in Cagayan de Oro


Services Online Payment:
News and Events Corner
Philippine Standard Time

Schedule for Online Wedding Planners:

Monday to Saturday
9:A.M to 6:30 P.M

Feel free to communicate with us, our wedding planners are willing to be at your service. Consultations are absolutely FREE of Charge.

Please be informed that the domain name www.thebridalconcepts.com was change to www.thebridalideas.com. Thank You!
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Preview our sample Client Information System (CIS). Please call: 09157573183 or email: thebridalconcepts@gmail.com the wedding planner Rosalyn Villanueva for the USERNAME: AND PASSWORD:.

Tight on your budget? We have packages that are affordable yet elegant for your most precious events…The wedding planners are always glad to be at help. .

Communicate With A Planner Online
Rosalyn Villanueva
Wedding Planner/Events Coordinator
Note: They can still receive your messages even if they are Not Online Right Now . Please click above icon to leave a message.


OUR MISSION is to deliver the highest level of satisfaction through the production and execution of our clients' once in a lifetime event.

Our strength for the previous successful weddings and events lie in its abilities to conceptualize, organize, and execute a client's specific event management needs. These abilities have applications in:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Debuts
  • Corporate events such as conventions and seminars
  • Rentals and other events services

Through a series of personal and thoroughly planned consultations. The Bridal Concepts aims to define an effective plan of action that would achieve the various goals and objectives set by its client.


The Bridal Concepts is manned by individuals who emphasize efficiency and creativity. It is in our client's best interest that we efficiently and effectively perform within the specified parameters to reduce cost but without sacrificing quality.

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