A pristine spring, sparkling crystal clear waters, nested in cool and lush vegetation with a spectacular panoramic view of a rainforest all in the frills of modern lifestyle and comfort. Welcome to Waig! a spring resort that goes beyond your expectations. Catch the memories and surprises that definitely last much longer than the brief time you stayed.

Located at the crossroads of the plateau province of Bukidnon, this perfect destination entices the adventurous, the daring, the nature lovers and beauty to frolic in the sun and its fresh spring waters. It is as picturesque as its stunning land-and-waters capes.

Packed in a 3.6 hectare of land are a myriad of interesting adventure-filled score of activities to do.

Fill your craving for its inexpensive gastronomy of various cuisines in the restobar. Enjoy the precious moments with the whole family in all your gatherings, business associates for personal and corporate functions in the fully equipped conference halls and spend a night in the cozy accommodations.

And don’t miss to take a ride of the cable cars. Have an adrenaline rush on the spiral slides! And cool down by dipping into the relaxing chlorine-free pools beneath the breathtaking waterfalls that flows at a rate of 28 gallons per second from its natural source.

Discover a dash of the town’s heritage by celebrating the annual his to-cultural festivity “KAHALAWAN TE SEBSEB” (Festival of Springs) observed every month of July. You will surely find Waig an ideal sanctuary for communing with nature and pleasure, intricately webbed to its finest.


Pedro B. Acosta
Chief Executive Officer

Ruth B. Acosta
Assistant Chief Executive Officer

Mc Neil B. Acosta
Operations Manager

Cecil A. Acosta
Assistant Operations Manager

Percival B. Acosta, PTRP
Multimedia and Digital Chief

Florendo Y. Taga, RN
Promotions and Marketing Associate

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